Research and Evaluation


Our research will increase your understanding of a particular group, problem, or issue. Using a variety of methods, sources, and materials, we will research questions that are:

  • Descriptive - to describe what is currently happening, for example, how your company’s or organization’s social media is used by your customers.
  • Relational - to look at the relationship between factors, for example, determining the relationship between employee productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Causal - to determine the cause of, for example, the impact a company or organizational policy on employee behavior.


Our evaluation will provide you with the documentation you need for evidence-based decision-making. We can determine the effectiveness of a program or practice with the aim of improving it. We work closely with you to determine what you want to know and how you plan to use the results of the evaluation. With that information, we create customized evaluation tools and instruments, making certain the information is reliable and valid.


As reports are often beneficial for a variety of audiences, we develop customized analysis and reporting to meet your specific needs. Our reports are tailored to meet your needs –– comprehensive and detailed, or short and to the point. We can also create presentations for you, other decision-makers, or anyone else to whom you’d like to provide the information.

What We Do

Our research and evaluation will provide you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions. We will work with you to determine the critical questions that need to be asked to inform your decisions that may include –– setting program goals, planning and implementing programs, allocating resources, garnering support and making quality improvements in programs and program management. We collaborate with you in all phases of the evaluation to ensure that your needs are met. Our commitment to you –– evaluation that is practical, cost-effective, useful and research-based.

Our quantitative and qualitative methods include:

  • Surveys, including telephone, on-line, and written
  • Interviews, including telephone, face-to-face, and webcam
  • Focus groups
  • Needs Assessments
  • Observations
  • Photo-elicitation and digital storytelling

We strongly value the results of independent, external evaluators. To ensure that those results are meaningful, we have a strong set or core values. We demonstrate:

  • Respect by acknowledging the needs of all people involved in the evaluation.
  • Honesty by providing results that accurately reflect what is happening.
  • Teamwork by working with the you through all phases of the evaluation.
  • Responsibility by completing our work on time and with exceptional quality.

R2E2 consults with businesses, school and community-based organizations, government agencies, media, and non-profit programs to provide the following services.

  • Qualitative and quantitative research and design
  • Evaluation design
  • Evaluation planning, implementation, and reporting, including:
    • Logic model development
    • Instrument development and testing
    • Focus groups
    • Collaborative planning
    • Process and outcome evaluation
    • Employee satisfaction and engagement
    • Client satisfaction
  • Program planning and development
  • Proposal development and review
  • Training
  • Database development and analysis

We will work closely with you to ensure that our evaluation services, program development and market research is unique to your needs, interests and outcomes. We prepare culturally competent and linguistically appropriate evaluation tools and reports that will exceed your expectations, and we complete work more cost effectively and faster than most evaluation companies. Our standard of excellence and ethical evaluation practices cannot be matched.

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